About XSpray


Protein kinase inhibitors – one of the most important pharmaceutical classes of compounds – are frequently used for the treatment of cancer. However, PKI’s are generally known to demonstrate toxicity, variable bioavailability due to low solubility and pH dependent absorption, and carry (in some cases fatal) side-effects due to poor formulations.

XSpray has developed a hybrid nanoparticle technology (HyNapTM) – a patent protected technology platform that enables and enhances therapies based on PKI’s. Improvements have been achieved in more than half of the 30 marketed PKI compounds and consistent bioavailability improvements have been shown in clinical trials and in vivo studies.

XSpray currently focuses on the development of XS004 – an improved version of a marketed PKI and a generic version with early access to the market. In addition, XSpray has a strong pipeline of PKI’s soon to expire patent protection that can help the originator company with life cycle management or generic companies to enter the field.